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The TV Peru is the flagship TV network of Peruvian state broadcaster IRTP. Moreover, this is the first channel and one to have the broadest coverage area in the country. It has a tale of longer than 60 years. There are 105 TV tele casters in Per, 22 of which are present in Lima.

This Peruana TV is now available on several streaming devices like Roku. Amazon Fire TV etc. And you can get them via the particular channel stores available on those streaming devices. Also, there is no requirement of any other cable TV subscription.

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The Peruana TV

The Television Peruana consists of channels from different countries under the name called Peru TV. And this TV channel is one identical to the channels like Venezuela TV, Venezuela Espana, and Argentina TV directo.

Television Peruana Roku

Television Peruana Roku

Yes! By getting this app on your streaming services, you can enjoy movies and TV shows with various countries. And this channel is developed by the Latam Vision and can be found in the International category on the channel store of your streaming devices. Moreover, it will not require any subscription fee. On the other hand, this app can help you get news information and happening all around the world using the channels that are under this.

Peru TV On Roku

  • At first, the Television Peruana Roku is identical to the Roku channels, and it has Venezuela TV, Venezuela Espana TV, and the Argentina TV Directo with the beneath contents.

Argentina TV

  • America TV
  • Telefe
  • 4 Jujuy
  • TV publica canal 7
  • Sun channel
  • Canal 26
  • Canal 9
  • El Trece
  • Telpin HD

Peru TV 

  • America TV
  • Gol Peru
  • Willax
  • ATV
  • Noticias
  • Capital TV
  • Penamericana TV
  • TV Peru
  • ATV TV

Venezuela TV 

  • TLT
  • Telesur
  • VTV Venezolana de Television
  • Globovision
  • Canal 11
  • VePlus TV


  • 3/24
  • NEOX
  • A3S
  • Nova
  • Mega 7
  • Antena 3 Int
  • Antena 3
  • La Sexta

Noticias Latam 

  • DW Espanol
  • RT Noticias
  • CBN Espanol


  • Deporte TV
  • TLX Telemax HD


  • Music Top
  • Top Lation HD
  • One TV
  • On the other hand, the Peru TV app shall offer the live stream of 10 Peruvian channels
  • Further, the broadcast shall include Spanish and the following:


  • ATV
  • Inka Vision
  • Panamericana
  • Quatro TV
  • Real TV
  • Sol TV
  • TV Peru
  • Satelital
  • Willax TV
  • To enjoy all these channels, you must get the Peru TV app from the Roku channel store and add it to your channel store.
  • And have fun streaming all the contents in Spanish and also get movies and TV shows from different parts of the world.

Which Are The Devices That Are Compatible With Peru TV?

Following are the streaming devices that are compatible with stream Peru TV:

  • Smart TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Roku streaming device
  • Apple TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Playstation
  • Xbox One
  • Blue Ray players

Yes! Download this channel from the channel store and enjoy all the content that is mentioned above. Moreover, to install it, you will not require any subscription fee or any other participating pay-TV providers.

How To Download The Peru TV On My Roku Streaming Devices?

The following guidelines can help you to get Peru TV on Roku streaming players:

  • At first, turn on the Roku streaming device and check whether the device is activated.
  • After that, press the home button to get the Roku home screen on your TV.
  • Next, scroll to the left side of the screen to get in to the streaming channels location.
  • Now, scroll up and down and search for this Peru TV app.
  • If not found, there then navigate to the search bar of the Roku channel store.
  • Secondly, keep calm for the results and select the Peru TV app.
  • And then, highlight the channel from the channels store and choose the Add channel option.
  • Moreover, press the OK button on the Roku remote to get the app on your Roku streaming device.
  • Further, this will start with the downloading process of the channel app on the device.
  • Once after the installation, then reach the Roku home screen and check for the channel.
  • Now you have to open the Peru TV app on your Roku streaming device.
  • Finally, start to stream all your favorite content all around the world using this Peru TV app.


This Peru app does not have a live TV streaming option like Sling TV, Philo on Roku, Fubo TV, Hulu TV, etc. So the only way you could watch Peru TV on your Roku streaming device is to get it via the Roku channel store. In there, you can stream and watch more than 10 Peruvian channels on your Roku streaming devices that can include the Spanish titles. Also, you will not require and pay-TV providers for this app, and you can install it at no cost from the Roku channel store. This is how you can Peruana channels on the streaming devices.

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