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With the accruing number of entertaining channels on the streaming services segment, the number of quality channels is always at a fixed number. Turner broadcasting company has introduced three channels under its network, which are currently prominent in the entertainment industry. Among the three, TBS channel is a multiprogramming network, which focuses on telecasting a variety of shows on different genres such as comedy, sports and trending tournaments.

As the main genres covered under the channel are comedy and sports, which is mostly likable by everyone, TBS has got a huge follower base. Prevailing as the one-stop destination to access both entertainment and sports, TBS is absolutely a must to be included in every streaming device.

Read further to know all about procedure on your Roku device

Programming Under TBS Network

As said earlier, the TBS channel is not under the rudimentary category like other channels. This is one of the best channels to find eclectic programs of varied genres all the time. Initially, the channel launched with a prime intention of attracting audiences with movies and shows only but later on, it turned out into a hub of telecasting all the genres at different times.

Following are the different varieties of programming, you can find on the TBS channel


Not only music shows! You can also get a newscast on TBS, coming up with popular daily updates regarding the local locality as well as international news. Breaking news is telecasted at random times on the channel.


TBS offers a good collection of movies for both day and night times and also releases week schedules. You can easily find famous blockbusters and classic movies on TBS


This genre differentiates TBS from all the other networks. With curiosity in delivering enthralling sports entertainment to the audience, TBS never fails to broadcast a thrilling sports series at different seasons. Majorly they are telecasting matches on games such as Baseball, Basketball, professional wrestling, football, European soccer, beach volleyball, etc. Thereby, the best spot to catch all the instant sports update for all the sports enthusiasts.

Famous Programs on TBS Channel

We have collected some of the famous must-watch programs, that you can pick on TBS channel,

  • Miracle Workers
  • Search Party
  • Wrecked
  • Drop The Mic
  • American Dad
  • The Guestbook
  • Final Space
  • People Of Earth
  • The Detour
  • Conan
  • Close Enough
  • Minding The Store

Available Platforms For the Channel

TBS channel is holding the myriad number of users; thereby you can easily find the channel on all the famous streaming networks and channel providers.

Some of the best channel providers that you can avail affordable channel bundles along with TBS are Sling TV, DirecTV, Hulu etc.

Famous streaming platforms to get the TBS channel are Roku, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation Vue etc. Steps on Roku

  • To begin with, sign in to your individual Roku account and link your streaming player
  • Turn on your Roku streaming player, login and enter the Roku home menu
  • For any channel search, select the Roku channel store, where you can get easy access to the worldwide channel apps
  • To get the TBS channel app, enter the channel name ‘TBS’ in the search bar and locate the channel in the results
  • Or else, you can also locate the channel app by entering via channel category options also
  • In any way, select the TBS channel app and enter the channel home menu
  • Tap the ‘add channel’ option to include channel package to your Roku device
  • Wait for a few minutes until the download and installation of channel
  • A prompt will ask for the payment transaction to purchase the channel. Enter the necessary payment credentials for the payment method
  • After a successful transaction, you will receive the channel activation code on your display
  • Take the code and enter without any error on site from your mobile or computer
  • In the end, click the submit/continue button to activate the TBS on your Roku

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