The Roku enhanced point-anywhere remote can issue commands to the Roku player from anywhere. Unlike IR standard remotes, the enhanced model does not require the device to stay in sight for it to function. For any issues that you face with the Roku remote, first, ascertain if you possess the standard IR or the enhanced remote.

Working over a wireless network, the enhanced remote control during the initial setup performs a pairing process through which it establishes a connection with the player. Sometimes, this becomes faulty leading to the Roku Remote Flashing Green Light.

Roku Remote Flashing Green Light

Remote Flashing

If the light on the remote flashes too many times, without breaks, then it is indicative of an issue. Or else, it means that you have executed a series of steps to pair the remote with the player. With a defective remote, you will be incapable of controlling the player as it does not respond to any button presses.

  • Disconnect power from all of the devices and then remove batteries from the remote control’s compartment
  • The power cable to the Roku should be reconnected after some time.
  • If you have an IR remote, then restart the Roku device from the Settings option – you do not have to unplug the device

Press Settings -> System -> System restart –Restart

  • The batteries of the remote should be reinserted only after you see the Roku logo on the screen
  • Thereafter, the connection between the player and the remote should be achieved
  • You will no longer see the Roku Remote Flashing Green Light

Pairing the remote again

  1. When you remove the batteries out of the remote you can shut the device down as well
  2. Reinsert the set of batteries into the remote compartment only after you have reconnected the power cable to the Roku
  3. Thereafter, the Home screen displays along with the Roku logo
  4. At this point, insert the batteries and the remote is all set to pair again
  5. Inside the battery compartment, look for a button – press and hold this till you completely accomplish the pairing process
  6. It may take anywhere from 3 to 5 seconds to complete pairing, after which a light starts flashing
  7. In this case, the light should flash indicating that the remote is getting paired
  8. You may want to try once again if the process is not successful
  9. A dialog screen indicating remote pairing appears on the screen once pairing is established

Old batteries

  • There is every reason that the Roku Remote Flashing Green Light because the batteries on the remote have drained
  • Invariably, erroneous functions are seen when the player is unable to receive any commands
  • Get a good, new, genuine set of compatible batteries and use them in the remote
  • Now, because the new set of batteries are being inserted the remote has to be paired again


  • The HDMI connector may also impact the performance of the remote; this is especially true if you are using a Roku Streaming Stick or Streaming Stick Plus
  • Ideally, the device directly gets inserted into the TV’s port
  • Instead, take it away from the port and use an HDMI extension cable instead

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