The Roku player has regularly evolved. As the company developed, so did its products. Today, Roku has a superior lineup of streaming devices that cater to every section of the audience. You have a choice of set-top boxes or simple streaming sticks that are affordable and provide users with high-quality services from Netflix, Amazon, HBO, YouTube and much more. Not to forget, besides on-demand viewing, Roku also incorporates live TV into its experience. The Roku Premiere Plus and the Roku Ultra are two of the company’s leading products and considered as two of the most popular streaming options.

Look out for the comparison of Roku premiere plus vs ultra

Roku Premiere Plus vs Ultra

Roku Premiere Plus vs Ultra

Both the devices are optimal streaming players but have some differences when it comes to device type, quality of video, broadcasts and recording.

Type of devices

Both of these are box type media streamers and certainly disparate from the streaming stick. They do come with superior streaming strengths but yet may not be as unobtrusive as the stick. They both have to be on a shelf but still, plugged into the TV’s HDMI with the help of a cable. In the comparison, Roku premiere plus vs ultra, we find these also tend to connect better and come with enhanced remote capabilities. As far as device type is concerned both of them are similarly considered as boxes. In certain situations, you can even obtain optical audio output by connecting the boxes to an AV receiver.

Roku Premiere Plus vs Ultra

Roku Premiere Plus

  • With a power-packed HD performance and 4K capabilities, the Premiere Plus can provide up to 60 frames per second.
  • Working with both HD and 4K UHD TVs, the device delivers crisp, detailed and brilliant images that are absolutely life-like
  • Besides, the hardware also offers 4K UHD playback, rendered at 60 fps
  • This HDCP 2.2 compatible device can upscale HDTVs from 720p to 1080p and even up to 4K on UHD TVs
  • The Premiere Plus supports the 802.11ac MIMO dual-band wireless and comes with an enhanced point-anywhere remote
  • Additional channel storage can be achieved with the MicroSD card slot and strong wired Ethernet Connectivity for seamless streaming

Roku Ultra

  • The Ultra is considered as Roku’s definitive device that is fully loaded with new-age features
  • Accomplishing HDR streaming with 4K at 60 fps the device also supports Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus
  • In home theaters, the Ultra has the ability to advance surround sound
  • Achieve local media playback with a USB port equipped behind the player
  • Voice search, private listening, gaming and much more can be accomplished through the point-anywhere enhanced remote
  • If you cannot find the remote, then use the lost remote finder to look for it; a touch button on the player will emit sounds on the remote


  • All major apps are available on both the players, yet, the Ultra gives more choices
  • The Premiere Plus immediately offers Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime / Instant video along with PBS kids
  • But the Ultra goes a step further by offering along with the above, Google Play, Crackle, HBO Now, Showtime Anytime and a few more

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