Privacy Policy

These policies can give you an outlook about what and why we are collecting the data from the user side. We assure that all the data gathered and methods using are only to provide support services to the user only.

Data collection

We collect the following information from our customers via two methods, collecting the data from email chat and call and it includes the name, email ID, credit card or any other payment details needed for transaction purpose. If there is any need, we also collect the location information.


We have zero responsibility for any third party issues through our site. In the meantime, we will monitor the cause for the respective issue (also the user’s actions) and reported to the appropriate authorities.


Cookies are only launching on the purpose of improving the services for every search from user side. It is the user wish to accept the cookies provided on our site. In case of not accepting the cookies, chances are there to miss out some personalized services from our site.

Copyright regulations

All the information on our site is to give support for the users regarding the devices setup and troubleshooting. It is strictly penalizing, in case of using the information for personal use or plagiarizing by any third persons. In case of any such happenings are found, copyright legal actions will be taken on the respective site.