Activate the best kids channel of all time and let your kids enjoy and have a good time. The name is Nick Jr where you can expect the variety of different shows that are inclusive of cartoons for your kids. On top of that, there is a Nick Jr app, which you can install on your smartphone and let your kids play interesting and exciting games. What’s more interesting is that Nick Jr is a free channel that you can activate and install on your Roku device by following the nickjr activate guide mentioned below

Best Shows on Nick Jr

There are many awesome and amazing shows currently on the Nick Jr channel for your kids

Max and Ruby

This is the best show for your kids to learn about sibling relationships and friendship. Max and Ruby teach the kids about family values and how they are very important.

The Backyardigans

The Backyardigans is one amazing and creative TV show for your kids. This show has a unique story line about five animal friends who go and explore many fantasies from their backyard

Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol follows six brave and cute puppies as they patrol and safeguard the Adventure Bay community led by a tech geek Ryder. Let your kids learn the meaning of bravery and teamwork from this cool and fun Nick Jr TV show

Dora the Explorer

Let your kids explore and go on adventures with Dora as she navigates and discovers many new things with her monkey. Your kids will love this show and have a fun and interactive TV viewing experience

Bob the Builder

Bob the builder induces a positive attitude and mindset in your kids’ minds. His never say never attitude and solving any problem with his friends and building everything makes this one of the best shows for your kids to watch and learn

There are many other fun, hilarious, educational, and amazing shows on Nick Jr other than the above-mentioned ones

nickjr activate

Nickjr activate

Nickjr activate guide

You can easily and effortlessly add Nick Jr on your Roku device by using the Nickjr activate guide and let your kids have a fun and interactive experience. Follow the below-mentioned steps and complete the activation of Nick Jr on your Roku

  • In the beginning, switch on your Roku device and go to its home screen
  • Following this, go to the search box and enter ‘Nick Jr’ and search
  • After that, open the Nick Jr channel that appears on your screen
  • Alternatively, you can navigate to the ‘Family & kids’ category and find the Nick Jr channel there
  • After opening the Nick Jr channel, add the channel to your Roku device by selecting the ‘Add channel option
  • Subsequently, after a few moments, Nick Jr channel would be added to your Roku device
  • After this, open the channel and you will find a NickJr activate code on your Roku screen
  • Note down the activation code and navigate to com/activate on your computer
  • Finally, complete the Nick Jr activation process by entering the acquired activation code into the box provided and click ‘Activate’.
  • Nick Jr channel will be activated and added to your Roku channel list and your kids can start having fun

Nick activation guide

You can also activate the popular and amazing Nick channel that is a great hit with the kids. Your kids can watch awesome shows like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Avatar, SpongeBob, SquarePants, and plenty of others

  • First, from your Roku home screen go to ‘categories’ and select ‘Family & Kids’
  • After that, select Nick channel from the list shown on your Roku screen
  • You can also type ‘Nick’ on the search bar provided and click ‘search’
  • Open the Nick channel and select the ‘Add channel’ option that is beside the channel name
  • Following this, after a few moments, Nick channel would be installed on your Roku device
  • Thereafter, open the Nick channel and you will find a Nick activation code present
  • Subsequently, navigate to and enter the acquired code in the box given and click ‘Activate’
  • Finally, on your Roku device, the Nick channel would be activated and your kids can enjoy without getting bored

For further more queries regarding activating Nick Jr or Nick on Roku, don’t hesitate to call us up on our toll-free number @ +1-844-740-1130.

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