Radio is the distinguished platform, where media entertainment has emerged. From the days of the conventional mode of entertainment to nowadays internet era, the radio didn’t get away from the spot that it has acquired. Gone are the days, where you have to annoy yourself by orienting your antenna to get clear audio outputs. At present with the internet connectivity, Radio access has no conventional limitations such as audio clarity and locality issues etc. One of the popular radio streaming channels in the streaming network is the ‘iHeartRadio’.

iHeartRadio Channel

With a very simple and normal interface, iHeartRadio gives you access to streaming any worldwide radio channels that you want to stream with just a few clicks on the channel app. By spotting out the IP address, iHeartRadio can offer you above thousands of live radio stations across your locality. You can also do your customized search such as searching out stations by genre, cities, artist name, etc. All this radio channel access is totally for free, wherein, You just need a compatible device and internet network for streaming, that’s it! Refer below to know more about the radio channel activation steps by site.

Contents Available on iHeartRadio

It’s an ideal spot to discover all the music you love. Thousands of radio stations, unconfined musical entertainment, celebrity podcasts, and many more amusing things are under one roof at zero cost! Especially this channel is perfectly a befitting choice for mobile users

They can enable the app and get access to any radio station they want to stream, instead of wasting data by downloading several audio files

Besides music, separate TV channels are also available under the radio roof, such as news, sports commentaries and daily infotainment contents. Furthermore, reach out your day to day updates, favorite podcasts, and sports on audio live through iHeartRadio channel. In addition to the above said basic app features, iHeart premium is now out, where you can enjoy distinctive features that can enhance your audio voyage

Access Famous Radio Shows

The channel app is not only showing you the bunch of radio channels list to select. By keeping variations with seasons and festival occasions, iHeartRadio exclusively offers selected musical radio channels on your iHeartRadio dashboard. As the channel is reaching out above a million numbers of audiences, the app is extending its compatibility towards all the trending platforms. Likewise, various interesting programs like the artist of the week, Valentine’s special, first of its kind podcast, audience celebrity choices, etc. are driven on the iHeartRadio channel.

Streaming Networks & iHeartRadio Mobile App

As said earlier, iHeartRadio is expanding its services to many renowned streaming platforms. At present, the channel has all access on the following streaming platforms,

  • Can be accessed on browsers via
  • Android & iOS
  • Xbox One
  • Android TV
  • Samsung TV
  • LG TV
  • TiVo
  • Apple TV
  • Roku

Activation of on Roku

In the first place, you just need access to any of the above streaming service provider account. Here we are going to elucidate the activation steps on Roku streaming player,

  • To begin with, new users can create their individual Roku account by accessing the Roku official sign up site. Enter your personal information details, accept the terms & conditions and activate your Roku account
  • Existing users just enter the login credentials of your Roku account and navigate to the Roku home screen
  • Then, move on to the channel store to search for the iHeartRadio channel, enter the channel name in the search bar available in the store
  • As the channel is musical genre one, you can also avail the channel by accessing the category of ‘Music
  • Subsequently, scroll through the available channel app list and select the iHeart Radio channel app
  • In the meantime, it will start loading the channel homepage and select the add channel/Go to channel option to download the channel app on your streaming device
  • You don’t need to go for any payment method to purchase the iHeartRadio channel. To avail the premium version, you have to go for the in-app purchase on iHeartRadio
  • Finally, get the iHeartRadio activation code and enter the code by moving on to site in your browser
  • In a few minutes, you are able to live stream all the radio channels available under iHeartRadio

For further more information about installation and activation of iHeartRadio channel by, just reach out our team by the toll-free number +1-844-740-1130 or visit

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