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Streaming entertainment is the current trend, and just with the help of a network connection, you are able to get wide exposure to world-class entertainment. Roku offers such entertainment at best qualities. By keeping a focus on user choice in terms of affordability and entertainment, multiple types of streaming device models are emerging from Roku. In this list, Roku Premiere Plus is the supreme device, where you can get the top-notch quality of entertainment among the Roku devices lineup.

It provides you the 720p, 1080p, 4K ultra HD, HDR resolutions for your compatible television models. In addition to this, Roku added the enhanced remote, in which you don’t need to get aggravated by pointing out the remote in a straight direction towards the TV for navigation. Raise or lower your TV volume and navigate channels by just pointing out anywhere in your ambiance and enjoy the seamless entertainment. Go ahead with this article to know about how to setup Roku Premiere Plus

Compatible Television That You Have to Select

This Roku Premiere Plus works on all the televisions which have an HDMI connection. But to stream the HDR or 4K ultra HD contents, you must hold the HDR compatible television. Always prefer high-speed HDMI cable to load the contents without any interruption. Using random cables instead of branded one may affect the device streaming performance.

How to Setup Roku Premiere Plus

how to setup Roku premiere plus

how to setup Roku premiere plus

  • To begin with the setup process, take out the HDMI cable from your device package
  • Locate the HDMI port in the rear end of your TV. Connect the bigger end of the HDMI cable to your port and smaller end to the streaming player
  • Remember in which port number you have connected the streaming device to select the port in the TV menu
  • To power up the streaming device, connect the power adapter from the package to a wall outlet and smaller end to the streaming player port
  • Insert the batteries to your remote compartment and you can see the flashing light in your remote which is ready to use
  • Press the pairing button for nearly 5 seconds until the remote gets paired with the player
  • Now, turn on the player and television. Press the input/source button in your remote to select the HDMI port in your TV

Initial Settings

  • After you turn on, you can see the Roku logo menu and do the initial setup steps like setting up language, display type and location etc.
  • Go to the Settings->Network and select your network name from the available list to connect your player with internet
  • Once connected to the internet, your Roku Premiere Plus will get the latest available software update
  • Sign in to your Roku account and link your account to the Premiere Plus streaming player
  • Navigate to the channel store, download the channel app and enjoy streaming

In addition to the basic setup steps, if you want to get answers for any specific queries on how to setup Roku Premiere Plus, reach out our team by the toll-free number at +1-844-740-1130 or visit

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