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News simply translates to information, is a great way to kick start your day. Acquiring knowledge over multiple topics at the beginning of your day pumps you up with confidence. Also, a citizen needs to know what is happening around him. News becomes the source on which a country’s subject depends upon to know what is happening in a country. So, alter the news, you alter the fate of the country. Hence, it is necessary to find a reliable news channel that is also diverse and non-biased at the same time. Here comes the NewsON Roku channel. Read this blog to find out how to add NewsON Roku.

Why should I opt for NewsOn Roku?

It provides you with the live news streaming option, with the added benefit of streaming the news of the last 48 hours time period. This will enable you to keep track of the last two days’ news just in case you missed it.

Watch NewsON Roku

Watch NewsON Roku

You can choose from a wide range of stations available to stream your regional news. There are approximately 200 local stations available that are highly reliable.

You can choose the station you want and stream the news from that particular station. You also don’t need your TV provider’s credentials or any other subscription or login to stream the news from any of these stations. Simply add the channel and select your local station to stream.

The sorting of the local stations is also easy to search through. You can add your favorite local station to the list and quickly access it anytime you want to.

How to Add the NewsON Roku Channel?

The easiest thing next to streaming NewsON Roku is adding the NewsON Roku channel. Follow the steps below to complete How to add NewsON Roku.

  • Launch the Roku device on your TV by selecting the right input on your TV.
  • Once you launch the device, see if there are any software updates available. If any available, make sure you download the latest version of the available software for the device.
  • Once you have completed the software download, restart your device.
  • After you restart your device, you can see all the changes applied to your device.
  • Now, go to the streaming channels section and surf for the NewsON channel under the “news and weather” category or under the “free movies and TV” category.
  • You can also use the search icon on your Roku remote to directly go to the search bar.
  • Using the voice command feature on your remote lets you skip all the lengthy process and directly jump to the channel you are looking for.
  • Just make sure you are using the correct pace while using the voice command on your device.
  • Once you’ve got the channel you are looking for, click on it.
  • You will see the “add channel” option right next to the description.
  • Click on it and wait for the download to begin.
  • The download will take only a couple of minutes to complete.
  • Once the download is complete, you can see the channel on your channel list.
  • Simply launch the channel to access the breaking news and also hundreds of stations in which local news telecasts.

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