How to Set Up Roku.com/link account? – Go.Roku.com/ premiere

Watch all video content in 4K HDR with the go.roku.com/premiere device. Roku has a penchant for raising the bar and even competing with itself. Guiding the path to eternal entertainment, Roku’s Premiere and Premiere Plus devices come with the ability to turn any conventional television into a newer smart one, with a single connectivity measure. The Premier streaming device comes in a compact size, is affordable, and most of all, embodies a superior operating system. While overhauling its entire lineup of hardware, Roku recently released the Premiere and Premiere Plus to provide viewers with stunning on-demand streaming in a price that most people can ideally afford.Let us proceed with Roku.com/link activation to begin streaming

Better than the Competition

The Premiere comes with a vast array of 4K HDR apps

  • Roku Media Player
  • Netflix
  • Amazon
  • YouTube
  • Fandango Now
  • UltraFlix4K
  • VUDU
  • Plex
  • 4K Universe
  • Curiosity Stream
  • Toon Goggles
  • Tastemade
  • Smithsonian Earth
  • Picasa
  • Flickr
  • 500px

Two of the biggest services of the streaming industry Amazon and Netflix offer content in HDR through the go.roku.com/premiere device.

Features at a glance

  • Insert a microSD card into the slot to load apps faster
  • Use a wired connection through an Ethernet Port equipped on the Roku in case the Wi-Fi does not seem to have enough strength
  • Fix it in place with the help of a tape that accompanies the device
  • Compatible with every possible streaming service


  • Shaped like the Roku Express, the go.roku.com/premiere is small, crescent-shaped with rounded edges
  • The device is about 1.5 inches in thickness, about 0.5 inches in height and just about 3 inches wide
  • First-time users require a quick online registration but for those who are upgrading from one Roku to another, the services will just get transferred along with your previous settings
  • Powerful player that covers exactly what users require especially when it comes to 4K HDR support
  • The device contains an Ethernet port, HDMI / MicroSD port and a DC IN port


  • Get a Premiere device and wield a ‘Point-anywhere’ remote that does not require aiming to the infrared on the device
  • Use voice controls for search
  • Insert headphones into the jack on the remote to enable private listening
  • The design also accommodates a Bluetooth-enabled remote;
  • Stash the Roku out-of-sight and the remote still functions;
  • Point it anywhere to enable commands on the device
  • A built-in microphone allows voice search
  • The TV’s power button can be controlled with the help of the HDMI CEC


  1. Equipped with a quad-core processor, the go.roku.com/premiere is quick and responsive
  2. With a sharp interface inclined to display 4K, navigate smoothly and instantly through the menus
  3. Switch between apps within seconds and snap back to the main menu in equal pace
  1. Maintain a consistent stream with a fast and strong Wi-Fi connection
  2. While speed depends upon the Wi-Fi environment, the device does support 802.11ac MIMO dual-band Wi-Fi
  3. The Roku Premiere brand is the cheapest HDR streamer available in the market
  1. It comes with a rich and intuitive interface and good stream reliability
  2. The navigation keys are extremely simple and there are several hotkeys on the remote for popular channels, which can be launched with a single click


Open the Premiere box to get a manual with instructions, a QuickStart Guide, a standard USB cable, an HDMI cable, the remote, a charger and some AA batteries

QuickStart Guide

  • The QuickStart guide actually displays pictures about all the contents inside the box
  • For novices, this is a great place to start setting up
  • Additionally, it also contains instructions to link and activate the device
  • There are instructions to even insert the batteries into the remote

roku unboxing

roku installation


  • Insert the HDMI cord first, into the go.roku.com/premiere device and then place the USB Cord into the other slot
  • Use the tape to stick the Roku in place now, before powering up
  • Plug the HDMI – the other end – into the TV
  • Ensure that the port that the HDMI is inserted is HDCP 2.2 compatible
  • Toggle to the selection into which the HDMI is inserted
  • The pair the remote with the device

Setting Up

  1. Turn the TV and the power the device up to visualize the ‘Let’s get started >’ screen
  2. Choose the preferred language
  3. The screen switches to the ‘Connect to the internet’ choices
  4. Choose ‘Wireless’ to go to ‘Set up new wireless connection’
  5. Alternatively, choose the ‘Wired (Ethernet) to enable a more secure setup


  1. Choose ‘Setup up new wireless connection’
  2. The Premiere device probes for available networks as a progress ‘Wireless Scan’ screen appears
  3. At the ‘Choose your network’ screen, a list of network names running the area will be displayed
  4. Select the relevant connectivity option with the help of the remote’s arrows

Steps for wired connection in go-roku-premiere

Here are the steps to set a wired connection in go-roku-premiere

  • In the First place, On your Roku TV, go to settings and tap on the option, “Network”. Then, scroll down and click on Set up the connection
  • Now, you will see two options displaying, Wireless and Wired. Subsequently, click on the option Wired and popup will appear
  • This message box will have two check-boxes, Wired connection, and Internet connection. It is checking if your Ethernet cable is plugged to the back of your internet router and the back of your device or TV
  • Green ticks appear in the checkboxes of the pop up indicating successful connection. And boom your wired connection is established for the go-roku premiere

Setup Roku.com/link Account

To enjoy watching movies and your favorite TV series through Roku you should have a Roku.com/link account. It is very stress-free to open a Roku account. It is significant to note that Roku does not charge activation, installation, and support. Utilize the Roku com link to set up the Roku account. The guidelines to open set up a Roku account are as under.

  • Firstly, reset the Roku device by going to the option system. Tap on Advanced system settings and then tap on Factory reset. You will see four digits on the screen. Enter the four digits you see on the screen and this would reset your Roku device. If you have plugged in your Roku for the first time, you will see the Roku logo appearing on the screen
  • Next, you will have to select your language and connect to your WIFI network. Automatically the best screen resolution is selected and when done activate your Roku by going to the web browser. In the web browser, there will be three boxes and you will see a four-digit alpha-numeric Roku activation code in a box named, “Enter the Code”. Take note of this four-digit alpha-numeric for future use
  • Now you have to key in some particulars in the custom web link, https://my.roku.com/signup/nocc. Go to your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet and open the above custom link. Create a new account by entering the general details like the first name, last name, email, password, date of birth and gender. Also, select the checkbox agreeing to the terms and conditions
  • Now go to Roku com link and enter the four-digit alpha-numeric Roku activation code that you noted down and click submit. In the next section asks if you have a Roku account. Click on, “Yes, I already have one” and sign in using the account credentials you just created. Refresh the browser if you don’t see anything on the screen
  • Now enter your payment details, if you want to view paid channels now or later you will have to enter your Credit card or PayPal details. Click on the option update under the payment method. There will be two options, “Pay with credit card” and “Pay with PayPal”. Select any one option of the above and enter the required details accordingly
  • If you want to view only free channels, come down and you will see an option, “Skip, I’ll add later”, click on it. Subsequently, in the next screen give a name to your device. Now go to your TV to set up your Roku device. Consequently, Roku will update the channels of your choice

Roku set-up is over

How to setup Roku PIN

You can opt to generate a Roku PIN to make your channel purchase in Roku more secure and safe

  • Go to my.roku.com/link and opt for pin preferences, it will ask if you want your pin code to be set up before you make your channel purchase
  • Set up any four-digit pin code of your choice
  • From the list of PIN preferences, select when you would want to use the generated PIN
  • Click on continue and your pin code is setup


  • At the ‘Update Available’ prompt click on ‘Ok’ to continue with software updates on the device
  • A progress screen ‘Updating Software’ appears
  • Once the software update is complete, the device restarts
  • If internet speed is high, for example, via Comcast business, then setup is never an issue
  • Ensure good internet speeds for smooth and fast setting up of the go.roku.com/premiere and Premiere Plus devices
  • After a wireless connection, the Roku logo appears on the screen
  • Finally, wait for the updates to be installed before navigating into the main interface


  1. At the ‘Set display type’ screen, choose ‘Auto detect display type’ to let the Premiere device select the best resolution to display content
  2. High-end 4K HDR TVs are automatically identified by the Roku device
  3. Click on the ‘Ok, go to 4K UHD HDR …’ option
  4. The ‘’Display Type’ prompt progressively looks for 4K HDR settings on the TV and asks if the screen displays correctly
  5. Click on ‘Yes, screen looks good’ to confirm the selection


  1. One of the most crucial steps of the go.roku.com/premiere setup is the linking
  2. A 3-step process use a computer or mobile device for activation
  3. Simultaneously, write down the code seen on the TV
  4. Let the television display stay as it is; then open a computer / mobile browser
  5. Then go to roku.com/link -> enter ‘Code’ -> ‘Submit’
  6. All devices sync with each other
  7. Register an account on the Roku with a valid email ID to proceed with Roku.com/link activation

How to add Roku channels

Roku provides a wide range of paid and free channels. A viewer can add either paid or free channels on his discretion. You can add your favorite paid channel or free channel through your TV or your mobile app. Go to the option channel store, just scroll through and select your favorite channels and just click the option, ‘Add Channel’ and enjoy Roku streaming.

Roku Setup Errors

When the Roku device is set up for the first time, the latest software is downloaded and installed automatically.  Occasionally during this installation process, you may get an error message, “Cannot connect to Roku” (Error Code 011). You can solve this Roku Setup Errors by way of trying out the below guidelines.

  • Be patient a few minutes and choose “Try again”
  • Now, open the website, support.roku.com to check if the Roku service is experiencing any downtime
  • Likewise, if your Roku device displays that it is no longer connected to the internet, you will see a message taking you along the process of re-connecting to your home network.
  • If you are still facing issues connecting Roku device to your home network, anytime visit:

Roku Activation Errors

To enjoy Roku services, it is mandatory to have a Roku account. In the Roku com link, you have to use an alpha-numeric link code to activate your Roku account. At times, there may be some errors popping up when you are trying to key link code on the https://my.roku.com/link.

  • To begin with, check if you have entered the code correctly in the roku.com/link. Double check there is no typo error in the code
  • Likewise, Make sure there is no system or network downtime. If the steps described above are okay and still you face any error, Get back to your Roku device, press the star button on your Roku remote and then choose the option, “Get a new code.”
  • Consequently, you can see a link code and enter this on the roku.com/link

Our support team is available on the numbers provided, here, on this website, for go.roku.com/premiere assistance. Call them for Roku.com/link activation, device installation, channel addition, troubleshooting and much more.


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